Do the difficult things while they are easy
and do the great things while they are small

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Your work is to discover your world and then
with all your heart give yourself to it

Slajd 2

A person who never made a mistake
never tried anything new

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The European Shiatsu School

The School’s primary role is the training and development of shiatsu therapists, in so doing promoting greater knowledge and awareness of health for improved personal and social harmony.

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International training program

The European Shiatsu School is the first and only organisation in Poland offering a full shiatsu therapist training program that meets internationally recognised standards in Europe as well as in the USA and Japan.

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Shiatsu clinic

Do you need to relax, take a break from your hectic, daily life in the city? Come and let us take the weight off your shoulders with Shiatsu.

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Shiatsu Facelift – 3-5 June 2017

added: 22 April, 2017 Shiatsu Facelift is a highly effective, natural technique that does not use any mechanical or chemical intervention. It can reveal your natural beauty and enhance your enjoyment of better well-being without the use of a scalpel or other invasive methods. And most important of all – you can start now, for yourself, every day! Additionally, to enhance the effects of the massage and to immerse yourself even more deeply in Nature, you will create your own beauty/relaxing eco-cosmetics to meet your individual needs!
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