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The European Shiatsu School was founded in 1985 by Chris Jarmey, among the first people to study and practise Shiatsu in the UK, and subsequently a widely published author on the subject. The School’s primary role is the training and development of shiatsu therapists, in so doing promoting greater knowledge and awareness of health for improved personal and social harmony.

Since 2009, The European Shiatsu School has been the first and only provider of full, professional Shiatsu training in Poland. Our program furnishes learners with all the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain the Diploma in Shiatsu Therapy, meeting the requirements of the European Shiatsu Federation (ESF).

The European Shiatsu School has an experienced and passionate teaching team consisting only of teachers qualified to the level of Senior Teacher with the Shiatsu Society UK. The school’s full program meets the requirements of the Shiatsu Society and the European Shiatsu Federation. This program is used across Europe in the UK, Eire, Spain, France, Greece and Portugal as well as, now, in Poland.